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Drive your product & marketing decisions with Consumer Data

It's common sense. Consumers know what they want, you just need to know what they want by asking them the right questions. Ask:

Building a New Product

Validate initial consumer interest and co-create a world class concept.

Product Features
Packaging Tests

Test your Messaging

Identify what makes consumers tick, what they care about and what they expect.

Usage & Attitude
Customer Persona
Buying Consideration Factors

Ads Testing & Tracking

Assess your marketing effectiveness and identify your strengths to ensure success in your future campaigns.

Ads A/B Testing
Ads Concept Testing
Ads ROI Tracking

Position your Brand

Grow consumer love for your brand. Track and increase your brand awareness, brand penetration and purchase intent.

Brand Health Tracking
Competition Analysis
Brand Perception

Ideate with Real Trends

Gain competitive advantage by understanding the opportunities, risks, competitors and potential customers.

Market Trend
Consumer Segmentation
Behaviorial Study

Track Customer Satisfaction

Loyal customers last a life time. Measure how happy or unhappy your customers are and fix it!

NPS Score
Customer Experience (CX)
Shopping Experience

and so much more...

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Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

We’ve already changed the game for our customers by helping them be Consumer-First.

“Seamless solution to build our research! Process was very quick and the results helped us shape our future plans for the brand.

We received great help from Research Expert! This allowed our team to start planning and focus on other areas of the Khind brand.”

Yin Khay
Marketing Manager at Khind

“ offers a reliable nationally representative insights to better understand peoples' behaviour. This help us make a faster, smarter and bolder decisions.

The user interface was compelling, visually impressive and very well presented on the real-time dashboard.”

Wan Zetty Hayani Wan Saidin
Statistician at Malaysia National Population and Family Development Board

Best practices from our Research Experts baked in!

No more worries about garbage-in-garbage-out!

1. Ask the right questions with our Expert Review

Use our templates that are designed by research experts. Get expert review for every line that you write.

2. Target the right people with a database of 450,000

Use our nationally-balanced audience, or send the questionnaire to your own audience.

3. Make the right decision with our Suggested Insights

We automatically balance the data collected and suggest insights to start you on your data exploration journey.

Let us help you to be more data-driven.

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