The unexpected turn of events in Malaysia’s political scene has left Malaysians once again wondering about the fate of the country and future. Social media updates are ringing with speculative opinions and conversations on the possible rationalisation behind the events and what may eventually take place., an online market research company specialising in fast and accurate consumer insights, ran an online survey on its platform Every, to learn Malaysians view, thoughts and feelings on today’s turn of events.

Every is latest SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, which allows the creation of quick evaluation of market developments and consumer movements from across the nation with insights delivered in just under 2 hours.

Key takeaways from 1,000 Malaysians on the current political environment in Malaysia :

  1. Majority Malaysians still view the country as a democratic nation, while 33% remain on the fence, expressing uncertainty of the democratic status of Malaysia.
  2. When asked about the level of confidence for Malaysia's current government,42% expressed a Neutral stance while 27% were confident.
  3. When asked about the level of confidence for Malaysia's current economy, 40% expressed a Neutral stance while 7% were extremely confident.
  4. When asked how the party elected as the current government impacts their personal lives, 37% expressed a Neutral stance, while 15% said it is very impactful to their personal lives.
  5. When asked how the part elected as the current government should impact their personal lives, 40% expressed a Neutral stance, while 15% said it should be extremely impactful to their personal lives.
  6. 52% express keenness to see a woman being elected as the next Prime Minister.
  7. The majority (62%) of Malaysians are getting their news updates from news pages on Social Media.

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About the Sample

1,000 Malaysian respondents were randomly sampled (benchmarked to Malaysian census data) from online reach of over 300,000 respondents across Malaysia. The respondents received the survey via e-mail and all 1,000 completed the questionnaire over the 3 hours during which the survey was open.

About ( is a market research technology firm specialising in online/digital research using online surveys and real-time online focus groups. With an emphasis on speed and accuracy, can collect data about the opinions and behaviours of consumers & reach over 300,000 Malaysians to deliver an insightful analysis of data as fast as 24 hours, while SaaS platform, Every, can deliver insightful analysis under 2 hours.

The views and opinions expressed in the report above are an aggregate analysis taken from 1,000 respondents sampled according to Malaysian Census and Malaysian Internet Census data. This aggregate analysis does not necessarily mirror the values and opinions of Vase Technologies Sdn Bhd (1152290-M). Vase Technologies is the operator of a platform to collect user opinions, and as such will not take any liability for the statements above. In case of any damages or other liabilities arising, no party can be liable as the data above is taken in aggregate.