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If you were wondering how feather duster companies become the cock of the walk, well then hey! Here’s some encouragement, you can do it too. Increasing brand awareness and gathering critical mass attention requires at least, a little bit of creativity. If others can do it, so can you. Whether you have just started a new brand or have a new product line/verticals in production for your company, you can gather a great amount of awareness from your prospective consumers through these 4 steps:

1. Piggybacking with Other Brands

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New brands should especially take this into consideration. This strategy involves partnering with other much more established and well-known brands that share the similar core values as your brand, serving as a supplementary to your product. Piggybacking will help in terms of awareness and credibility as consumers will transfer the values and images of the established brand that you have partnered with. An example is when Hootsuite, a social media management platform, partnered with one of the most popular TV series, Game of Thrones, to create ‘Social Media of Thrones’. It generated about over a million views on YouTube alone, this itself is excluding their other views and shares received from their other social medias.

2. Snowballing/Referral

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Another strategy here is snowballing. Consumers are often offered discounts or freebies if able to refer certain brand products to friends, causing the level of brand awareness to increase. Not only that, it also influences other people to try the product. DropBox rewards their users an additional 500MB (up to 16gb) if they refer the product to their friends, helping them to increase the sign-up rate by 60%!

3. Infographics

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Interesting data can capture the attention of others. Show your prospective customers infographics of interesting topics. Through publishing infographics on social medias, can it already generate a thousand shares in just one snap itself!

4. Deliver Unique Experiences PR stunt

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What makes a brand stand out is their delivery of outstanding experiences to their customers. Unique experiences help customers to recall your brand. By publishing those unique experiences onto social media to be seen, an increase in brand awareness is created. Take a look into Haagen Daz’s Hologram application, in which scannable holograms are created that can be scanned using the app. This campaign generated a lot of shares on social media, gaining Haagen Daz the recognition from mentions in several publications such as news magazines.


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