People don't buy WHAT you do, people buy WHY yo do it - Simon Sinek.

What makes Apple so innovative? Apple is not the only company that sells computer. Just like how TOMS is not the only shoe company that started in 2006, despite selling about 60 million pairs of their slip-ons in just a decade.

How do they do it? In today’s era, businesses share the same access to capital, talent and market. Indeed, there are too many variables to answer such a question, but I personally think that the most interesting way to answer, is this:

Most companies do not find and communicate their WHY’s. It stops at WHAT and HOW.

The What, How & Why.

Simon Sinek introduced a concept in his book ‘Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Actions’, quickly becoming one of the best-selling books in 2009.

The concept is called ‘The Golden Circle’. You start with what you believe in & answer the question with why you do what you do. Then you move to how you are going to deliver the product or service to the market. And lastly, what, which is the end result of what you believe and how you did it, translated into a product or service.

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An example could be your aspiration to be a company that puts smiles on people’s faces first thing in the morning. This is your WHY.

You can do this by selling cups of warm coffee from high quality coffee beans in your local neighborhood, so people won’t find it hard to find you. This is your HOW.

Lastly, your WHAT, which will you be the fact you are selling coffee.

This might sound simple, but many businesses fail to address these things in plain sight. What is your WHY? Why are you here?

People really need to know that. Talk to them about what you believe in, not about what you sell.

Simon Sinek: Start with WHY-The Golden Cricle