We all know there is a difference between employees' salary across gender and across state, but how big of a difference it is?

Check out the mean monthly salaries of employees by different state here -

With over 10 million recipients in 2015, there is quite the difference in the mean monthly salaries of employees by sex with male employees being a tad higher at RM 2,345.00 per month compared to females at RM 2254.00 per month. State wise, Selangor, W.P Kuala Lumpur and W.P Putrajaya paid higher mean monthly salaries for both sexes showing the competitive nature of salaries to employees and the cost of living in the more urban sprawl of Malaysia.

In 2015, construction sector registered the highest increase of 6.9 percentage points to 11.8% compared with 4.9% (2014). Manufacturing sector recorded the highest placement of registrant in 2015 that is 50.4% followed by service sector (28.5%) and construction sector (11.8%). The lowest sector was mining and quarrying at 0.4%.

Unemployment rates through 1982 and 2015 shows the unemployment rate stabilizing over the years between 2.9 to 3.1 percent even with the number of unemployed increased by 61.1 thousand persons from 389.2 thousand persons in 2011 to 450.3 thousand persons 2015.