Discover data and insights on Malaysian's social media usage behaviour and their perception towards regulation of social media platforms and the responsibility of keeping it safe for all. In this survey, we also asked what Malaysians felt about the mass shooting events at the mosques in Christchurch on 15 March 2019 and how they felt social media companies performed in removing the live stream video and traces of the video being shared. Get personal insights from 1,080 nationally representative respondents about social media collected through an online survey.

We cover questions on:

  1. Usage of popular social media platforms.
  2. Responsibility of social media companies.
  3. Responsible parties for the spread of content violent, hate, prejudice and sexual.
  4. Regulation of social media content.
  5. Motive behind sharing of offensive content on social media.
  6. Perception on posting of mass shooting at the mosques in Christchurch on social media.

The survey was conducted by Vase.ai in collaboration with Astro Awani. This data is publicly available for use. If you are using this data you would need to attribute the data by stating "Survey conducted by Vase.ai in collaboration with Astro Awani. Find the data at https://vase.ai/resources/social-media-usage-statistics-and-perception-in-malaysia".

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