Vase is an on-demand market research solution that allows companies to gain accurate consumer insights within days at a fraction of cost by creating and deploying surveys to respondents within our database.

Through Vase research study can clients get quick and accurate consumer insights via 2 ways that could assist in marketing, branding & operational decisions.

Online Survey - Quantitative

We collect all data through online surveys, participated by voluntary survey respondents who have registered on our website. By understanding our client’s study objective, we collaborate with them by helping to design the survey questionnaire.

We currently have respondents in ASEAN countries. However, we are open to operate in other countries as well.

We perform two types of validation to ensure the accuracy of the data. First is identity validation of the survey respondents. We validate all of our respondent information, from social media accounts all the way to banking information. This controls our input source so that we can be very sure that for each response, there is a real live human that’s submitting that response. Each response is unique.

Secondly, we validate how genuine the answer is - based on several methods including measuring completion time of the survey, context logic, trap questions and open-ended questions relevancy. We’re constantly tweaking our fraud-detection algorithms to look for inconsistencies in user behavior and answers.

Other than providing you with raw data reports, we provide Vase presentable reports where we conduct statistical analysis. We conduct cross tabulation analysis between different variables of data to give you further insights to help guide you to make the most informed decisions for your business.