Discover data and insights on Malaysians perception of the Budget 2020. Learn what Malaysians think of the government's initiatives, which areas of the economy they think would likely improve or get worse and their prediction of Malaysia's entire 2020 economy.

Some points to take note of are:

  1. Malaysians think the i-Suri initiative (63%), SME Bank - funds for women entrepreneurs (58%) and Broadband access & connectivity in rural areas (57%) are government initiatives that are very helpful.
  2. Only 28% think that the overall 2019 Malaysian economy is better than 2018.
  3. 49% of respondents think the overall 2020 Malaysian economy will be better than 2019, while 21% think the economy will be worse than 2019.
  4. The top 3 areas in the 2020 economy which respondents think would likely improve are cost of living (44%), Malaysia's financial position (35%), and job security and opportunities (32%). Only a fraction believed that the National sports development (12%) and talent development (13%) would improve in the 2020 economy.
  5. The top 3 areas of the 2020 economy which respondents think would likely get worse are cost of living (34%), affordable housing (26%), and Malaysia's financial position (26%).
  6. 47% believe they will be a lot more cautious with their spending in year 2020.
  7. The reasons behind respondents cautious spending in year 2020 are due to the rising cost of living (74%), economy uncertainties (54%), and because they want to save more (52%).
  8. 67% say they have not heard about the government's initiative to provide all Malaysians aged 18 and above RM30 through the e-Wallet.
  9. Consumers top used e-wallets are Touch 'N Go (39%), Boost (26%), Lazada (24%), GrabPay (23%), and ShopeePay (23%). 20% say they do not have any e-wallets currently.
  10. 42% consumers who are not currently using an e-wallet say they would consider using it with the RM30 incentive from the government, while 18% say it is not worth the effort.

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