In late January 2020, teamed up with Digi-X to learn about the Work Life Balance and Gender Pay Gaps in Malaysia.  

Here are some valuable insights from our research:

  • 57% say they are very satisfied at their current workplace, while 40% say they are not satisfied and think there is room for improvement. Only 3% say they are extremely dissatisfied.
  • Flexible hours (37%), work-life balance (35%) and understanding superiors (30%) are top reasons behind satisfied/happy employees.
  • Employees who say they are not satisfied at their current workplace say that salary/financial compensation (58%), training and development (42%) and work-life balance (40%) are areas which could improve.
  • Employees who are extremely dissatisfied say their workplace environment is toxic and unhealthy (41%), the organisation is not ethical in their working ways (28%), and their superiors adopt a micro-management style (25%).
  • Top reasons employees would switch jobs and move on to a different organisation are for a higher salary/financial compensation (52%), a new environment (34%), and for more lucrative benefits (28%).
  • 42% of employees believe that a gender pay gap exists in organisations in Malaysia, while 18% say they do not know.

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