Brand Purchase Intent.

Measure the likelihood of purchase intent.

Brand Purchase Intent

Measure the likelihood of purchase intent.

Brand purchase intent measures the likelihood of purchase intent and understand the triggers behind the decision. Convert a regular visitor into a regular customer.
  • Identify the successful channels which drive customers to purchase the brand including but not limited to; promotion, brand, variety & options, sample products, celebrity endorsement, recommendation, reviews or advertisement
  • Determine the effectiveness of your brand’s advertising methods
  • Determine the reasons for which customers find appealing about your brand and build upon them
  • Identify weaknesses within your brand that drives consumers to the competition
Answer to these questions
  • How frequent are customers willing to consume my brand?
  • What percentage of customers are willing to repurchase my brand?
  • How many people took action after seeing my advertisement?
  • What are the sentiments and emotional responses towards my advertisement?
  • How many people did my advertisement have an impact on?

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