Discover data and insights on Malaysian Smartphone purchase habits, Mobile Data and Broadband usage behaviours, and their awareness and perception of various local tech blog/websites. Learn why they purchase particular brands and what they are commonly looking for today.

Some points to take note of are:

Mobile Data Usage Behaviour

  • Those aged 18-24 (38%) and 25-29 (33%) say they can survive with only mobile data, while those aged 30-34 (77%) and 35-40 (72%) say they need both mobile data and home broadband/wifi.
  • Respondents from the Central mostly use mobile internet service(s) by Maxis (48%), while those in the East Coast mostly use Celcom (53%) and in East Malaysia, the largest provider used is Digi (65%).
  • The Central region (63%) has the highest usage of Unifi, while East Coast (47%), East Malaysia (61%) and the Northern region (48%) use Streamyx.

Smartphone user / purchase habits

  • Those aged between 18-24 (53%) and 25-29 (42%) say their favorite smartphone brand is the Apple iPhone, while those aged 30-34 (46%) prefer Huawei and ages 35-40 (52%) say Samsung smartphones are their favorite.
  • Smartphone users say the most important features to them are Battery power (91%), RAM (90%), and Storage (89%), while dual simcard slot (23%), fingerprint scanner (14%), and a headphone jack (10%) are deemed not at all important.
  • Those aged 18-24 (21%) and 25-29 (22%) say they would pay between RM2,001 - RM3,000 for smartphone features they deem are very important, while those aged 30-34 (49%) and 35-40 (47%) say they would pay between RM1,001 - RM2,000.

Broadband user behaviours

  • 43% of smartphone users are signed up for mobile postpaid data plans, while 38% have prepaid data plans. Only 15% have both, a mobile data plan and home broadband/wifi plan.
  • 25% readers only read updates from the website/blog's social media Page, 22% access both the website/blog and its social media Page(s), and 18% access the website/blog directly.
  • 74% of those who say they need both mobile data and home broadband/wifi, use home broadband for heavier uploads/downloads, while 46% share broadband internet with others at home.

Awareness and perception of various local tech blog/websites

  • Top sites that readers usually access are LowYat.Net (43%), Stuff Malaysia (29%) and Soyacincau (28%).
  • Frequent tech site/blog readers prefer sites which have a mix of English and Malay language (57%) and only 20% prefer an English only site.
  • Main reasons readers access these sites are to compare prices, date of release of specific tech devices/services in Malaysia (58%), read reviews on smartphone(s) (52%), and perform research on latest tech devices (44%). 9% say they just like being up-to-date.

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