Discover data and insights of millennials outlook on Malaysia's growth since its independence in 1957. Find out what they think of Vision 2020 and areas which we have significantly excelled in as well as areas we need to work on.

Some points to take note of are:

  • 73% of millennials are aware of the date of Malaysia's Independence, but only close to half know how it happened (49%) and who was involved (48%).
  • 53% believe Malaysia needs more time to achieve Vision 2020, while 17% feel it is not possible at all to achieve it.
  • Those aged 24-29 believe that to achieve Vision 2020, we need to prioritise political reform (52%), healthcare (51%), and arts & culture (31%).
  • 68% aged 24-29 believe that Malaysia currently needs to improve working opportunities in the government sector, while 38% aged 35-40 believe race representation in politics needs improvement.
  • In efforts to improve Malaysia's current education system, 18% aged 30-34 say that religious studies should be removed from the syllabus, 27% say vernacular schools should be abolished, 16% aged 24-29 say political education is necessary, and 30% say University admissions should be based on a merit system.
  • Top reasons millennials want to and are considering to migrate are for better work opportunities (70%), higher standard of living (48%) and quality education system (48%).
  • 95% millennials think Malaysia's education system and standards need improvement.
  • 67% out of those who prefer International/Global brands, have more confidence in the products because they think the quality is more superior.

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