Since the movement control order was issued, consumers have re-prioritized their purchases. Read on to learn what they are spending on currently and what food items they are stocking up on the most during this period.

Some points to take note of are:

  • Since the COVID outbreak, consumers are purchasing mostly groceries (97%), personal hygiene items (91%), Snacks (89%), household items (88%), and face masks, hand sanitisers or disinfectants (86%).
  • 15% of consumers say that items sold online are cheaper currently, while 29% say it is more expensive.
  • 53% of consumers say items sold offline are priced the same as before while 35% say it is more expensive.
  • The top 3 sources where consumers are currently getting their groceries are from their local stores or supermarket (40%), 99 Speedmart (39%) and Tesco (21%).
  • 69% of consumers say they are only spending on essential food & household items currently, while 27% say they have purchased other items besides food, from current ongoing promotions and sales.
  • Top online stores being used by consumers are Tesco Online (30%) and Mydin Online (23%).
  • Top offline grocers which consumers have been frequenting since the COVID-19 outbreak are their local grocers or supermarkets (40%), 99 Speedmart (39%), and Tesco (21%).
  • Top food items which consumers have been stocking up on during this MCO period are eggs (83%), dry food items (79%), poultry, meat (65%), frozen food (63%), and cooking oil (61%).
  • Food items which consumers have not been able to stock up on since the MCO are seafood (29%) and bread, pastries, cakes (25%)
  • Although some Malaysians feel unsafe to subscribe to home services currently, 23% of them are still subscribing to Home Delivery Services & Installations, while 14% are also still proceeding with Coway/Cuckoo machine servicing during this period.

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