This is the second part of our research on the to learn how Malaysians are keeping up-to-date with COVID-19 news developments and types of media content they are indulging in while being confined to their homes during this MCO period.

Some points to take note of are:

  • Besides working and performing usual household chores, Malaysians are spending most of their time browsing social media (73%), watching the news (68%), watching entertainment content (64%), cooking/baking (59%), and online shopping (42%).
  • Online sources which Malaysians have been using to stay updated on COVID-19 developments are Facebook (70%), MOH's website (60%), and Official Local Online News Sites (38%). 35% are also following MKM's official updates via the Telegram app.
  • Malaysians say they browse social media (13%) and watch entertainment content (11%) for 5-8 hours daily, while for 1-3 hours a day they cook/bake (60%), listen to podcasts (57%), and read books/magazines (57%).
  • Top Online/TV Video services which consumers have been watching most recently is Youtube (92%), Facebook Watch (58%), Netflix (33%), IGTV (19%), and iFlix (18%).
  • 67% say they have been shopping on e-commerce platforms since the MCO period begun.
  • Top e-commerce platforms which consumers are shopping on are Shopee (88%), Lazada (53%), and Tesco Online (9%).
  • Top items purchased from e-commerce platforms during the MCO period are personal hygiene items (31%), clothes (29%), groceries such as coffee, tea, cereal (24%), skincare items (24%), and electronic accessories (22%).
  • Those who purchased from e-commerce platforms found the need for home appliances (50%), gardening tools (42%), childcare items & toys (35%), home cleaning products (33%), and healthcare items (30%) during this MCO period.
  • Platforms such as Netflix (9%), Facebook (6%), Instagram (6%), Tiktok (6%), and Shopee (6%) observed new subscribers since March and April 2020.
  • Common activities practiced by those aged 24-29 this MCO period are Playing Video/Online Games (51%) and Playing Boardgames/Offline Games (25%), while those aged 45 and above have been exercising (46%), reading books/magazines (43%), and gardening (30%).

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