This is the second part of our research on the changes in consumer behaviours during the ongoing movement control order period due to COVID-19.

Some points to take note of are:

  • 62% consumers say they are still stocking up on both home essential and food items after one month of MOC, while 19% say they are only stocking up on food items currently.
  • 14% of those in the Northern and 13% of those in the Southern regions say they are no longer stocking up on either essential home and food items.
  • Those in East Malaysia (84%) are currently still stocking up on Dry food items, while those in East Coast (86%) and the Central Region (82%) are still stocking up on Eggs.
  • Home essential items which consumers have purchased more than once since the MCO period are personal hygiene items (74%), face masks / hand sanitisers / disinfectants (74%), home cleaning products (60%), toiletries (51%) and medication (48%).
  • Consumers are stocking up on childcare items (16%), face masks/hand sanitisers/disinfectants (15%), and home cleaning products (10%) once a week, while once in two weeks for toiletries (26%), personal hygiene items (22%), and medication (18%).
  • After a month of MCO, consumers are still stocking up on food items such as eggs (83%), dry food items (78%), fresh food items (75%), poultry, meat (67%), and frozen food (63%).
  • In just one purchase, consumers have been stocking up on bread, pastries, cakes (44%), poultry, meat (43%), and fresh food items (46%) enough for one week, while some have been stocking up beverages (39%), cooking oil (44%), and dry food items (27%) enough for 1 month. 13% stock up on alcohol enough for more than 1 month, in one purchase.
  • A majority of consumers have been shopping for their home essential (53%) and food items (68%) at a physical store, rather than online.
  • Top items which consumers have purchased since the MCO period begun are cooking utensils (33%), books to read (31%), smartphones (19%), puzzles, boardgames (17%), and televisions (13%).
  • Items which are being purchased from ongoing Hari Raya promotions via e-commerce platforms and retailers are cooking ingredients (29%), clothes (26%), and baking products (21%).

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